Building a career in IT- Quality Assurance

Building a career in IT- Quality Assurance

IT Industry is rapidly growing with newer technologies coming up and professionals working in the field are also keeping up to date with the emerging technology too. But, for someone coming from the outside and have a passion to enter into IT and build a career in the IT industry also has an opportunity. The requirement for anything is the passion to learn, develop, grow and contribute. And in these cases, QA would be the right choice as it is a nice blend of technology, communication and skills. Any skill can be acquired and developed as you further along the journey.

What is Quality Assurance by the way then?

We hear the term Quality always. It is a familiar term for all of us. When we are shopping a product, be it an outfit, shoes or toys, we question the quality. We ensure we are paying the right price for the quality of the product. Just like that the QA department ensures that quality of the product in the technology industry is up-to standards; in other words, in accordance to the requirements defined in the beginning of the software development life cycle.

Quality Assurance is the process of ensuring the developed software/product/service is working in accordance or in conformance to the requirements. The people working to test the same product or service are called QA analysts or QA or testers. Whichever may be the title of the role, the duties are pretty much the same. You as a Quality Assurance Analyst will plan how you want to test it, take approvals, test the product and report the results. If there is not a QA department in any organization, the quality is questioned. The organization then is taking a risk of putting the quality in jeopardy which in return may negatively impact their business.

So, QA is such a neat, important role to get a headstart in your career. And Quality plays a crucial role in the success of a company.

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