Career Buggy Interactive Online QA Testing Training

Career Buggy Interactive Online QA Testing Training

QA Interactive Testing Online Training

Careerbuggy offers a variety of services to choose from depending on the needs and situation of the student. See all options below:

  • Online Live Instructor-Led course– 45-48 hours of coaching from the instructor, live interactive, online sessions. See course curriculum below- just scroll down. Cost $499.
  • On-Demand Course– 46 hours of course material and up to 5 hours of Q&A session with the instructor. The course is fully organized and geared toward getting a job at your own pace. Scroll down to see course curriculum. Cost $249
  • Resume Preparation Service– For just a small amount, you can get an appealing, professional resume prepared. Cost: $59.
  • Consulting Services– Have a question? Need additional info? Are you stuck? Ask anything, learn anything for a small amount per hour. $49 per hour
  • Mentorship Program(Placement Program)– This program is exclusive and specially made based on students demand. It is fully one on one, personal, up to 40 hours for students that need extra help getting placed. See full details below. Cost $499


Want to see how the class goes? Absolutely, watch the demo class via the link below:



Questions? Contact or call +1 727-265-2628.

WhatsApp number: +1 646-675-3710

Join the QA Career Ask me anything group: WhatsApp Group Link


Want more assurance? Please scroll down to see student testimonials.
Ready to buy the course or services?
Email or use the contact form at this link:


Schedule: Next batch(Live session) starts in March. Book your seat now. Simply fill the contact us form and one of us will contact you to enroll in the course. 


Or you can buy On-demand course for just $249 and will get 5 hours of Q&A from the Instructor.

Curriculum(for both live and on-demand courses)
100% job oriented training. Current market research is done before every batch

  •  What is a  Software and Testing fundamentals
  • Software Testing Life Cycle(QALC) and Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
  • Test Strategy and Test Plan
  • Test Metrics
  • Types of testing and when they are used
  • Organizational Culture, Chart, and Roles.
  • Test documentation preparation (Test cases, scenarios, other)
  • Preparation of test data
  • Setting up test environment
  • Test reporting- Metrics
  • Test defect management- defect life cycle
  • Traceability Matrix
  • UAT testing and phase
  • Agile-Scrum in-depth knowledge and concepts and it's relevance for QA testers
  • Agile vs Waterfall: Testing Differences
  • Test Management tools (HP ALM)
  • Testing world in different org domains (healthcare, finance, retail, etc)
  • Automation Testing hands-on project experience-  Selenium
  • Automation testing- working knowledge and concepts- MavenJenkins, Jira
  • How automation testing works, why do companies need it, what do you need to expect and how to achieve results.
  • QA in Healthcare domain- QA working knowledge
  • Professional Resume Preparation assistance (Tips and Tricks)
  • Mock Interviews session
  • Guidance on searching for jobs/including resources on job sites etc.
  • Interactive questions and some real-world scenarios (discuss and collaborate)
  • Access to course material for 6months after training.

A little about ME, so you know me.

My career started with testing right from my school(Masters) and I have worked with various environments as a tester to manager in the testing domain for 9+ years before I moved into Program Management. Total IT experience is 17 years. I am certified in Scrum and Project Management (I teach PM courses as well).  Likewise, my teaching career also started with testing, I trained a few batches earlier and they went successfully!! I like to write, teach and so want to come back to what I love to do. You can see my profile on linkedin, below is the link.

Why ME?

There are many training organizations and Individuals that offer training services. It is hard for the candidate to choose from. But we all know the end result is securing a job and be successful at it. That is a fair expectation and this training course aims for that. I consider any training as a form of  Education. And teaching is my passion. When something comes out of passion, it is a whole new result. This course is totally driven to help students understand, implement and be successful.

Belief plus Motivation will bring the best in you and this course is aligned to do that (Yes, motivation is dosed right in the course😊)

How to enroll

Please use the link below to contact me expressing your interest. I will connect with you. or you can send an email to for any questions.

 Mentorship Program

On students demand and interest, I am designing this program for the benefit of those that want to extend their job search to an individualized fashion. And since this is an individual time from the mentor, seats are limited for this program. First come first serve basis. This is different from a placement program where you have a group of marketing people, floating your resume. Please see the FAQ’s below on what this program covers. The cost of this program is $499(up to 40 hours of individualized mentorship)


What does this program cover?

This is designed to help students that have already gone formal training in QA and then need individual mentorship and guidance for searching their jobs. The program will guide the candidate through the job search process by giving tips, tricks and tools necessary to apply, interview and get the job based on the current market needs. Helps with resume preparation, helps with interview right before each interview and also marketing. So, this is a total comprehensive package.(Placement assistance+Mentorship program)

How long will the mentorship be provided?

This is 40 hours of personalized time. The range could be anywhere between 3-5 months depending on the current job market, your pace and interest and need for further guidance.

What if the candidate gets a job early?

Of course:-) celebration moment. If the student gets the job earlier than 40 hours being expended or less than 3 months, then he/she is happy to leave. Since the time is still spent/taken out for that student, there will be no refunds given.

What if the candidate does not get a job after 5 months or after 40 hours.

Since the time is carved out personally, leaving aside other things for this student, there cannot be a further extension of the time, if the job is not acquired. However, there is huge confidence for this student to get a job on his/her own by this time or immediately after because of the skill and tools the student will acquire during the mentorship program.

Should I take both the training and mentorship program?

Not necessarily. If you have already been trained elsewhere and need specific guidance, then you can just take the mentorship program alone. Or you can just take training and not opt for the mentorship program. It is totally up to the student. However, it is highly recommended that students take the training(either live or on-demand), so getting placed is extremely easy.


Further questions? Please contact or +1 7272652628.

WhatsApp number: +1 646-675-3710

Join the QA Career Ask me anything group: WhatsApp Group Link


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24 thoughts on “Career Buggy Interactive Online QA Testing Training

  1. I definitely recommend her as the course covers everything what you need for job.
    Don’t follow google or YouTube as that can cause confusion and those aren’t mostly necessary . All in one place and I’ll update my comment again once enroll in mentoring program.
    Course is really worth, go for it.
    Thanks to Deepa.

  2. Deepa is one of the best instructors I have ever met. She is very supportive and has such a positive mind. I have gained a lot of confidence from her. She is very comfortable to work with and is very passionate about what she does. If anyone wants to get into the QA career I really suggest her course. Thanks Deepa for your help.

  3. PRIYANKA Rishikesh DASHPUTRE · Edit

    My name is Priyanaka, I got online training from Deepa,it was wonderful, all concepts r clearly explained with examples, she is a wonderful teacher,she always keeps motivating students and explains all technical concepts practically so that I understood it quickly. Thanks a lot Deepa.

  4. I took a mentorship program from Deepa and she builds confidence, courage, guidance in a very fast mode and I got the job within a few weeks. She helps prepare us with the interviews, understands our strengths and weaknesses and pushes us in the right direction. If you are serious about getting a job and learning new subject fairly, not by using fake methods, you should turn to her. I look up to her and she also helped me improve my language command. Very happy to know her and take both the training and mentorship program with her. You won’t regret it and it is totally worth the money you put in.

  5. My name is Neetu and I am non-IT background. I’m very glad my husband found Deepa. By taking the course, Deepa helped me to learn everything I need to know about QA testing. Deepa is very professional and Knowledgeable. The MAIN POINT is Deepa knows how to teach so her students can understand. I really want to say THANK YOU Deepa!!!

  6. Deepa is very knowledgeable .I like the way she teaches the concepts from the basics and make sessions very interactive. She is patient in clarifying the doubts,review the home works given and guides all the way.Will definitely recommend her.

  7. Deepa is an excellent teacher! I am so glad I found her! She is an expert on the subjects she has mentioned, and has so much experience in it, that it shows in her materials and her teaching. I went with no experience in QA/Testing field, I learned so much from her and now I am confident in the subject and she clears all the doubts in a different approach if we don’t understand the first time.
    Its clear that she loves teaching and is passionate about it. I am so happy to have found her, you will too.

  8. I searched so many places before start the training with Deepa .I talked to her over the phone then I realized she will be a very good teacher. She is really cheap and she is a very good teacher. Her teaching technique is excellent. I like her. She is expert in QA testing. Thank you Deepa.

  9. I see many faculties, they are moneyminded but when I came to know about careerbuggy online course through Facebook and spoken to faculty Deepa is different from others. She is well experienced, and her passion for teaching used to make class more interesting.
    Those who are from non IT background, can also easily understand from the way she teach.
    Deepa kalangi did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing every student questions.
    THANKS! I am very much impressed.”

  10. Great lectures and energetic with good structured & very interesting course. Her lectures style was fueling interest in the subject. She answers each and every question with a clear explanation.
    Finally i wanna say “she is a excellent teacher and clearly enjoys her subject and gives a lot of information. she is a knowledgeable teacher.”

  11. She is great at explaining things and will help you if you ask. Ms. Deepa was very professional, patient, and knowledgeable person. I’m thankful to have met someone so helpful, and so, I would say my experience was great. Thanks!

  12. My name is Mamatha ,I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the Career Buggy Interactive Online QA Testing Training which is conducted by Deepa.
    The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several trainings before but I can’t recall any of them having such a strong impact. You have done a wonderful job Deepa and I appreciate your efforts.
    I will surely recommend this training to all my friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you.

  13. If you want right knowledge in right proportion then Deepa is the person who can feed right proportion into your brains.she is a wonderful teacher who keeps motivating and practically walks you through the concepts. I am very happy to have you as our mentor.


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