The Collaboration Mantra

The Collaboration Mantra

“Collaboration” is the word we frequently hear. This isn’t discovered today, but it is definitely buzzing today because of its significance and the value it brings to the teams and organizations.

Because of the numerous benefits of collaborative work, the importance of Project Collaboration cannot be underestimated. Now, with the more diverse, geographical locations and virtual teams, collaboration is very critical and important for the teams to communicate to gain better performance.

According to Forbes, a new study states that companies that promote collaboration have increased their team performance by 5 times. The big companies like GE, IBM, Google, Amazon have used the collaborative project management principles and have seen better project success with an increase in team performance up to 20% in some cases.

Since Collaboration is an efficient practice and works as a tool, one cannot ignore the importance of it.

Here are some reasons why it needs to be practiced for the project’s success.

Builds trust and produces high performing teams
Essentially, when you are collaborating, you are connecting. You are communicating. The more you get involved in the team, the more you learn and give thus developing a relationship with your team members. When you build the relationship and trust, you become reliable for others and hence the team performs better.

Engagement of stakeholders.
A critical success factor in a project’s success is the early engagement of stakeholders from different teams. In other words, when your team isn’t engaged in the right proportion and at the right time, things go in a tangent and that will erupt the project failure. For this, collaboration is the key, without which team will be working in a silo’ed fashion and the results will also be disconnected and possibly inviting project chaos or failure. Therefore, you need to collaborate to ensure proper engagement of the stakeholders which is the first step to project’s success.

Aids in problem-solving
When you work individually and are stuck in the middle of coding something, you break your head to arrive at a solution, but sometimes, the most obvious error wouldn’t be solved when worked alone. When you work with a partner or a team, the ideas are shared, and newer solutions spark because of the input given by your team or a partner, thus enabling you to think better and solve even the most complex issues faster, especially during the development process.

A study conducted from science report states that working together fuels motivation and stimulates social behavior even with the introverted personalities. With the percentage of digitization that happened today, it is no surprise for people to go into their little caves and not work or spend time with each other or their peers. When there is a collaboration mantra being played out at workplaces, the situation has improved with good results.

Collaboration is needed. Especially now more than ever. Enhancing team collaboration reaps many benefits to the organizations.

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