So, what happens before a Project Charter

So, what happens before a Project Charter

So, what happens before the Project Charter is created and a PM is assigned?

PMI- PMBOK(Project Management Institute- Project Management Body Of Knowledge) has five knowledge areas discussed. Starts with Initiation Phase and that is when the project charter gets signed and a project manager is assigned.

Have you ever wondered what process or processes will bring you there or what happens before we even start Initiation phase? One thing we all know is that the business case is written and obviously, there is a business requestor for it. What artifacts are produced? How is the project approved?

In this article, you will learn the steps that occur prior to initiation phase or pre- initiation phase and who all are involved in getting the project approved along with the funding.


  1. The business requester brings the requirement to the leadership within the business. It takes a form of a business case document.
  2. The business case document is reviewed with cross functional teams a.k.a Business and IT leadership and the discussions will produce something called a business benefits document.
  3. The business benefits are measured by quarter in cost savings and also the value is measured(for example- makes the service great, improves customer satisfaction etc)
  4. Both the business case and benefits are submitted to the sponsors for approval.
  5. Once the approval happens, the project is requested depending on who is doing it(for example, IT development, IT infrastructure etc) for funding from that business unit.
  6. Once the project is approved, it is entered into any tools(example: Clarity) to track and measure progress on schedule, funding, quality etc.
  7. A Project Manager is assigned.
  8. The PM then starts stakeholder engagement process, prepare a project charter and gets the project started which is when the project is Initiated and enters into Initiation phase.

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