Why stringent process is an overkill?

Why stringent process is an overkill?

Why stringent process is an overkill?


We all know working in the IT area, what a process means. And of course we are constantly looking for ways to improve current processes and contribute to making new ones so the work is more efficient. Process is great, there is no doubt about it. Without a process in place, everyone is clueless and the projects become chaos in no time. But what about a stringent/strict process?

First of all, a stringent process is harsh/rigid. Any such process also is bad because it also brings chaos and adds lot of extra work that is otherwise non-beneficial.

Let us take a closer look. For example, you define a process by having the best experts on the area and also making improvements as you adopt year after year and you do it because you are confident that whatever process you are making for that company works for the best and also brings you good and great results. What if there was a flaw in the basic flow itself that your best experts panel overlooked or did not think of? Now, since you have made it a stringent process, and you cannot change the baseline/basic process, you add layers over it to cover it up or in other words, get through it. This is evidently lot of extra work.

In an effort to get past the flaws, you are bothering senior management or other stakeholders in a different way so your task delivery is making progress. During this process you will also encounter higher visibility, large number of questions to be answered to different people of all levels, put additional documentation to prove that your argument is right etc.

What really is the goal of having a process? Timely delivery of the work/project/tasks. Right? If that very process is acting as a hindrance to the delivery of the project, then why bother? Remember, a good, flexible, meaningful process should not and will not come in the way of the delivery of the project. Only a stringent process will. At one point and in some cases it becomes almost useless and rather adds more re-work.

So, next time when a panel of experts are devising a process, keep in mind that the process is vital to an organization and adds tremendous value only if it is meaningful, adaptable to all situations and eliminates re-work.

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