Are we unknowingly fantasizing with busyness and workaholism?

Are we unknowingly fantasizing with busyness and workaholism?


Are you saying you are working round the clock? 24/7, 365 days?

Working round the clock, 24/7 work; are the lines we hear from most around us these days. And trapped in this viciousness, there seems to be the fantasy going on with the term ‘busyness’ and ‘workaholism’.  There is no work-life balance. The term we are so eager to listen someone have it or you want to have it always.

But, the reality is different. We are used to hearing workaholic or workaholism from a decade or so, but we despised it. Agree? Now, we kind of got sucked into it and so we are unable to reject the situations. So, the leaders and leadership sitting at the top are happily fantasizing with this so they can advertise and capitalize on it.

Regardless of the Industry, Role, etc; the culture has rapidly changed for the worst. All the Organizations are caring for are the profits and profits alone? It has become contagious, cyclical and utterly depressing!!

Especially when you see the ads that come from big companies and the senior leaders giving shout-outs when they work off hours, not able to find time for family and kids instead of doing the other way round.

It now is high time this changed. Doing business with busyness is daunting, stressful, and totally unproductive.

The companies are proud to advertise and capitalize on their inability to create a work-life balance by pushing a false sense of success trap in the employees. This is concerning because it has quickly turned into a culture, the one that just knows to calculate rather than care. The sense of trust, respect, and work-life balance has quite declined in the relationship between the upper management and the working people.

When you think of the future and what we are leaving for our future generations, at this pace and scale, things look scary. And everyone needs to garner the courage to stand up.

Learn to say no

If you are overburdened and don’t have the bandwidth, learn to say ‘no.’ It does not have to be rude, but say it in a confident tone. When you are able to voice your concerns, your boss should be able to listen and understand. Otherwise, you just are not working with the right leader.

Stand up, Speak up

When you encounter a pushing mechanism from either colleague, boss or leadership, speak up. That does not mean, we are just always pushing things out or raising voices at all places or meetings. Just make sure you take the opportunity or create one to say what you are unable to do and why? If you are demanded of things that are beyond your control and adds stress to your life and it is persisting, then you need to express instead of just suffering.

Be the change and Become the change

Don’t compare with peers and sit quietly. They may not be ready to take the challenge to bring the change. You be the change and it will serve well for you and others too. Not all conversations turn out into bad consequences, so just be bold, who you are and move ahead.

Anything that is done with a collective effort has turned successful pretty quickly in the history of life, so we can all be together and can walk small steps to leave a footprint of a positive path for the future generations because technology is going to grow, not decline in the years to come!!


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