Want to learn leadership skills from birds?

Want to learn leadership skills from birds?


Leadership is a buzz word now, anyone and everyone with any title is entitled to have certain leadership skills to move up in their growth ladder. Let’s look at how birds do it so naturally and maybe we as humans can learn and do better?

Anytime, on any sunny day, during your walk, if you have observed the birds flying above you in the blue skies, you must have noticed a pattern and also the bird talk/singing. The large flock of birds go in a “V” shape and there will be a bird in the front(let’s call it a leaderbird), and there will be other birds behind the leaderboard on both sides forming a “V” pattern. Why do they fly that way and they fly tens of thousands of miles especially when migrating from one place to the other. For such long distance traveling, no, for flying, just like we get tired, they get tired too.

But they are smart, they are kind and helpful and are also leaders….yes, leaders just understand everyone equally and show the right way. So, the leaderbird when it flaps its wings, it distributes the wind speed so that the birds behind her are able to fly faster, and the birds(all of them) behind the leaderbird save 71% of their energy. But doesn’t the leader get tired? YES. But she will take a break. How? The bird right behind her observes how she does the technique and learns as they fly. And by using their bird language, they communicate to take turns. The leaderbird after some period of time, when she is tired or sick will come and join the flock behind the new leaderbird and thus the new leaderbird will take role and they all save energy behind her and fly long distances. Isn’t this incredible?

What can we as humans learn?

  1. A leader is not for making or dictating rules. Leader is to make sure he/she is setting up the right path for many followers to follow.
  2. A leader is also teaching the followers. So they are equipped with the right knowledge and are able to jump right in.
  3. A leader is cooperative, understanding, kind and also communicates well(birds did communicate very well in their own language, we have such a jargon of expressive languages, so why not?)
  4. A leader is also a teacher. There is nothing to worry if she/he shares knowledge, they will overtake him/her. After everything, knowledge is power and is divine. We gain knowledge to share and be much more stronger. Each one of us is powerful in our own unique ways.
  5. The followers also should be smart, observing, learning, understanding the techniques of how leaders do things especially when they are making the company grow or propelling a task forward with a great skill. The team should not think it is not their responsibility and hence we should care less.

I am sure all of us can easily connect with this story as we as humans are part of nature and bird singing is something we always cherish as it is soothing to our ears. In addition, we enjoy their beauty when they sit on a branch or land on us. Do you agree that birds are beautiful to see, hear and follow? If so, can we learn leadership skills from them?


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